Basic Emergency Relief System Design - Virtual - September-2023

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    Instructor-led Virtual Course
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    5 days
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Prepare to progress in the field of Emergency Relief System (ERS) design. Take this instructor-led, virtual introduction to pressure safety relief design with DIERS technology— the only course that presents the proven DIERS approach to performing ERS design with technically correct methods and tools. In five fast-moving days, gain the background information, theory and tools you need to effectively launch an ERS design specialty 

You’ll learn the concepts of DIERS liquid vapor disengagement technology and two-phase vapor liquid flow through relief systems and techniques for reactive relief design. In addition, you’ll get up-to-date on state-of-the-art venting and flow technology and relief system piping.  

This basic course is a prerequisite to the advanced course (CH173). 

Learn how to solve difficult, multi-phase and reactive problems. Once you’ve completed Basic Emergency Relief System Design, take the next step. In Advanced Emergency Relief System Design (CH173), you’ll gain an understanding of the complex and subtle theory needed to attack difficult, multi-phase and reactive problems. 

Together these courses organize the DIERS material into a proven approach you can apply to any ERS design. Take both and you’ll build a solid fundamental understanding of pressure safety relief design you can apply on the job whether you operate, design or manage chemical processes that require emergency overpressure relief devices. 

You’ll receive the text: Guidelines for Pressure Relief and Effluent Handling Systems (published by CCPS and includes SC Lite computer code license). 


Todd Brandes

Todd Brandes is a Chemical Engineering Principal Consultant in the Engineering Technology group of The Chemours Company. He has over 25 years’ experience in process development, evaluation, design, simulation, and controls, which has included work on a wide range of specialty chemical commercial products such as alkylated phenols, flame retardants, organometallic catalysts, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and fluoroorganics.

For most of his career, Todd has been involved in all the aspects of the design of pressure relief systems: scenario identification and modeling...Read more

Rahul Raman

Rahul Raman is a PSM consultant and provides PSM consulting services to the oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical Industry. He provides technical stewardship, and works as an embedded subject matter expert for pressure relief system. He has extensive experience in PSI audit, changes to relief system due to management of change, re-validation of process units, and two-phase flow analysis. In addition, he is an instructor for an awareness course on Emergency Relief System, specifically for engineers and managers. He has actively participated and contributed in Design Institute...Read more

Dan Smith

Dan Smith is a Sr. R&D Advisor with Albemarle Corporation, and Manager of Albemarle’s Chemical Reactivity and Engineering Fundamentals group. He has extensive experience in process development, process design, process simulation and process evaluation, which has included work on Albemarle commercial products such as alpha olefins, linear alcohols, flame retardents, and organometallic catalysts. For 20 years he has consulted on pressure relief and related process safety issues. Dan trains engineers at Albemarle Corporation on pressure relief...Read more


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