Hold Your Company’s Global Process Safety Team Meeting at the GCPS

The 9th GCPS will take place on April 28 - May 1, 2013 in San Antonio, TX, USA. An increasing number of CCPS member companies are finding it useful to hold their global process safety team meetings in conjunction with the GCPS.  Their reasons include:

  • Reinforcing corporate strategies, themes, and messages,
  • saving on travel,
  • promoting sharing of lessons learned and learning from others, and
  • gathering ideas to shape future initiatives.

Some companies have held their meetings the week before the GCPS, some at the end of the GCPS week, and some the following week.

If you are thinking of holding your corporate process safety team meeting in conjunction with the GCPS, please let Jing Chen know.  CCPS would be able to assist you with obtaining hotel meeting space in San Antonio if needed.