Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE)

Curricula developed for Students, Professors, and Young Professionals

AIChE and CCPS recognize that the best way to improve safety in our plants and laboratories is through better process safety education. Although companies have extensive safety training programs, experience has shown that presenting process safety concepts as part of the chemical engineering curriculum proves most effective.

SAChE certificates are free to all AIChE Undergraduate Members. (AIChE membership is also free to undergraduate students signup at

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SAChE Products

SAChE develops materials to facilitate this safety education. Students should recognize that this education proposed by CCPS is focused on fundamental technical subjects that should be integrated into the basic education of engineers. The proposed topics include calculating the size of relief valves, computing sources from ruptured vessels or pipelines, calculating downwind compositions of chemicals, understanding the flammable and explosive characteristics of chemicals and dusts, technical safety reviews, inherent safety, hazards of reactive chemicals, etc.

Students/Young Professionals

SAChE is an effort between CCPS and universities to provide teaching materials and programs that incorporate elements of process safety with the education of undergraduate students and young practicing engineers. For information on SAChE products and benefits, go to

SAChE Certificate of Safety Achievement


The SAChE committee members and CCPS select the teaching materials to be developed. University professors together with industrial experts generally author the products. The products include PowerPoint slide/lecture sets, DVD movies, problem sets with solutions, and case histories. Each year, members acquire access to a new package of material with a value $1,000 greater than the annual membership fee. New members signing up can also acquire access to any of the previous years’ products by paying the additional membership fee for that specific year or years. All materials can be tailored to fit different teaching styles.

SAChE also trains chemical engineering faculty in total-immersion workshops, focusing on the engineering and management challenges of implementing process safety in a working chemical plant.


CCPS encourages all companies and schools to become members of SAChE and to use the SAChE products in training sessions or classrooms. 

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For more information about SAChE, contact CCPS at 1-646-495-1372 or

CCPS - Leading the Way to a Safer World

In this film, CCPS recognizes its 30-year global effort to minimize chemical process safety incidents and its commitment to education and industry best practices.

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