3rd Epigenetics and Bioengineering Conference (EpiBio 2019) | AIChE

Fueled by the rapid advancements in both epigenetic research as well as translational gene editing and gene therapy, the EpiBio conferences were established in 2017 as a platform for synthetic biologists developing tools for epigenetic reprogramming. Organized by the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), EpiBio 2019 brings together academic, clinical, and industrial researchers from several disciplines to share their recent discoveries and developments. The overarching goal of the conference...

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Session Topics

  • Sensing Epigenetic Modifications

  • Writing Epigenetic Modifications

  • Nuclear Organization

  • Epigenetic Diagnostics and Therapeutics

  • Single Cell Epigenetics

  • Computation and Modelling in Epigenetics

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