3rd Epigenetics and Bioengineering Conference (EpiBio 2019)

September 12-14, 2019
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Fueled by the rapid advancements in both epigenetic research as well as translational gene editing and gene therapy, the EpiBio conferences were established in 2017 as a platform for synthetic biologists developing tools for epigenetic reprogramming. Organized by the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), EpiBio 2019 brings together academic, clinical, and industrial researchers from several disciplines to share their recent discoveries and developments. The overarching goal of the conference is to shape the future of this emerging field.

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The body of fundamental knowledge related to epigenetic modifications of proteins and nucleic acids as well as the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in organisms ranging from microbes to humans is vast and rapidly expanding. Efforts to translate this knowledge into products and processes that benefit society have rapidly followed this explosion in fundamental understanding of molecular biology.

These products and processes include new medical diagnostics, new ways to treat disease, and enhanced methods of producing therapeutic compounds, proteins, and other lucrative chemical products. EpiBio 2019 explores how to ethically advance interfaces with the epigenome, providing a platform to communicate, share technical knowledge, nucleate collaborations and partnerships, and hear a diverse set of perspectives related to needs, opportunities and priorities at the intersection of bioengineering and epigenetics.

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

  • Guoliang Xu, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Session Topics

  • Sensing Epigenetic Modifications
  • Writing Epigenetic Modifications
  • Nuclear Organization
  • Epigenetic Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Single Cell Epigenetics
  • Computation and Modelling in Epigenetics

Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee

Featured Speakers

Luciano Di Croce

Luciano Di Croce (Senior group leader at the Center for Genomic Regulation, and EMBO Member) obtained his PhD from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. In 1996 he moved to Marburg (Germany) as a postdoctoral fellow where he became interested in understanding the link between transcription and chromatin structure. After a second postdoctoral stage at the European Institute for Oncology (IEO) in Milan, he established his laboratory at CRG in 2003, as an ICREA Professor.Read more

Charles Gersbach

Dr. Charles A. Gersbach is the Rooney Family Associate Professor at Duke University in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery, an Investigator in the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology, and Director of the Duke Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering.Read more

David Segal

Dr. David Segal’s research focuses on gene and epigenetic editing to understand and treat neurologic disorders. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Utah in 1996, and pursued post-doctoral studies at The Scripps Research Institute. He joined the University of Arizona in 2002 and UC Davis in 2005, where he now holds joint appointments in the Departments of Biochemistry and Pharmacology, the Genome Center, and the MIND Institute. He sits on the scientific advisory board of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation and the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome...Read more