Henriette O’Geen | AIChE

Henriette O’Geen

Project Scientist
University of California, Davis

Henriette O’Geen obtained her PhD at the Institute of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University Vienna, Austria. Her PhD project focused on genome engineering in crop plants. During her postdoc at UC Davis, she studied transcriptional networks on a genome-wide scale to understand why genes are turned on and off during development and disease. Henriette O’Geen is a project scientist at the UC Davis Genome Center where she has a decade of experience in the field of epigenetics, having worked for many years as part of the ENCODE and REMC consortia. Her research interests focus on understanding the role of epigenetic features during human development and disease and to use this knowledge to alter the epigenome as it relates to human disease. Her passion is to implement genome-wide technologies where they interface with the use of genome and epigenome editing tools to obtain a more comprehensive picture. Henriette O’Geen is hosted in the lab Dr. David Segal where they joined forces to develop epigenome editing tools for neurologic disorders, such as Angelman Syndrome. Their research efforts focus on the delivery of genome and epigenome editing tools to the brain.