Philipp Voigt | AIChE

Philipp Voigt

Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

Philipp Voigt is a Sir Henry Dale Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh, UK, since 2014. Work in his lab aims to determine how different histone modifications interact to regulate and fine-tune gene expression in embryonic stem cells and during development, focusing on Polycomb and trithorax group protein complexes. His lab is taking a multidisciplinary approach, combining biochemistry with proteomic, genomic, cell-biological, and systems biology-inspired techniques. Philipp received both his undergraduate and graduate degree in Biochemistry from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. His PhD work focused on phosphoinositide kinase signalling pathways in lymphocytes. In 2008, he joined the laboratory of Danny Reinberg at NYU School of Medicine, New York, for his postdoctoral studies. There, he studied molecular mechanisms of Polycomb-mediated gene silencing, revealing that sister histones within single nucleosomes can carry different histone modifications in an asymmetric fashion. He moved to Edinburgh in November 2014 to start his own research group as a Sir Henry Dale Fellow and ERC Starting Grant holder.