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Lacramioara Bintu

Assistant Professor
Stanford University

Lacra Bintu is an Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering Department at Stanford. Her lab performs single-cell measurements of chromatin and gene regulation dynamics and uses these data to develop predictive models of basic biological processes and improve mammalian cell engineering.

Lacra started working on the theory of gene regulation as an undergraduate with Jané Kondev from Brandeis University and Rob Phillips from Caltech. As a Physics Ph.D. student in the lab of Carlos Bustamante at U.C. Berkeley, she used single-molecule methods to tease apart the molecular mechanisms of transcription through nucleosomes. She transitioned to studying the dynamics of epigenetic regulation in live cells during her postdoctoral fellowship with Michael Elowitz at Caltech. She started her own interdisciplinary lab at Stanford in January 2017.

Bintu’s radical new approaches to studying chromatin regulators are leading to a unifying model of chromatin regulation and memory. Her work aims to see changes in gene expression at the individual cell level, how gene expression changes in response to regulation at the individual and population levels, and reversible versus irreversible gene regulation.


Build a quantitative and predictive framework for the dynamics of gene and chromatin regulation, and use it to improve mammalian cell engineering.

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