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The founding members of SBE — including such leading lights as Daniel I C. Wang (1936–2020), Gregory Stephanopoulos, and a host of others — set the stage for the dynamic community that SBE has become. This community of individual members as well as organizations continues to unite bioengineers and affiliated scientists across industry, academic research, and government — driving stakeholders in the bio space toward ever -greater achievements and solutions to some of humankind’s most pressing needs.


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  • Enjoy SBE's monthly e-newsletter Connections

  • Semi-annual BioSupplement to Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)

  • Realize a voice in education, employment and technology advancement topics

  • Webinars featuring cutting edge topics covered by the current experts

Join SBE and add your contributions to important initiatives that enrich our profession and benefit society. Wherever you are in your career or the world, SBE provides members with opportunities to cultivate knowledge; connect with like-minded colleagues and thought leaders from industry, academia and government; and catalyze the future of bioengineering.

All of us in this area have benefited from the offerings of the SBE, and it has helped cement and expand the role of biology in chemical engineering. SBE has truly fulfilled its mission, providing education, conferences, and a vibrant society for practitioners.
Mauricio Futran, Vice President, Advanced Technology, Janssen Supply Group, and Original SBE Board Member

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  • AIChE members get a significant discount on SBE membership – plus all of the rewards of belonging to the organization run by chemical engineers for chemical engineers. In addition to the SBE member benefits listed above, AIChE members enjoy:
  • Professional network—Meet fellow ChemEs in local sections, student chapters or the members-only online community
  • Discounts on the leading chemical engineering conferences—If you attend just one conference the savings covers your annual dues
  • CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress)—Get it delivered to your mailbox or desktop every month
  • Career and Employment Services—Visit CareerEngineer to search for new positions (or new employees) or use ExecuPlanet for career planning and job search tools
  • Personal Financial Benefits—Portable group plans, professional liability insurance, financial and educational planning, credit cards and auto rental discounts

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Regardless of your career stage, SBE membership is one of the best ways to connect with your peers and receive discounted rates on leading chemical engineering conferences.



  • Professional (U.S.) $75/yr
  • Professional (U.S.) if Current AIChE Member $15/yr


  • Graduate Student $25/yr
  • Graduate Student if Current AIChE Graduate Student Member $15/yr


  • Undergraduate Student $0/yr


  • Retired $50/yr
My involvement with SBE has been exceptionally worthwhile, both professionally and personally. I have been lucky to meet exceptional scientists and engineers who have enriched me and SBE as well.
Georges Belfort, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SBE Chair

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