RAPID, established under AIChE by the U.S. Department of Energy, focuses on addressing barriers to modular chemical process intensification deployment and enabling the development of breakthrough technologies to boost energy productivity and energy efficiency through manufacturing processes in industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, and chemical manufacturing.

Their roadmap for process intensification highlights six focus areas:

  • (1) Chemical & Commodity Processing
  • (2) Natural Gas Upgrading
  • (3) Renewable Bioproducts
  • (4) Modeling and Simulation
  • (5) Intensified Process Fundamentals
  • (6) Module Manufacturing

RAPID hosts call for proposals, anticipated about once per year, and a number of projects and events throughout the year. View the Institute’s efforts to create effective collaborations that result in breakthrough technologies and equipment in their first annual report.

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Staying Current with RAPID:

October 12th - The RAPID Manufacturing Institute™ announces the release of the RAPID Test Network, an online database of pilot- and demonstration-scale testing capabilities across the US. The database is available exclusively to RAPID Enabling, Choice, and Premier Member Associates.

The RAPID Test Network helps our members by serving as a go-to, continually updated, list of pilot- and demonstration-scale testing assets across the US, providing tools to search and filter equipment based on type, size, and other specifications at over 40 testing organizations, and helping to identify locations to test their process or process equipment.

The RAPID Test Network and additional Members-Only content can be accessed here

September 18th - Building a More Resilient U.S. Manufacturing Base

National Manufacturing Guard

All 15 Manufacturing USA Institutes have joined forces, creating a decisive set of strategies and recommendations, including calling for the creation of a National Manufacturing Guard designed to ensure a resilient and robust national supply chain and manufacturing base in the future. View upcoming webinars and learn more here

July 9th - RAPID recently selected five projects for negotiations, to join RAPIDs portfolio of 33 additional ongoing proposals.  

The collaborative projects will apply the principles of process intensification and modular processing technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in energy-intensive manufacturing sectors including chemical and commodity processing, oil and gas, renewable bioproducts, and other industries. Find out more about the selected proposals as well as additional RAPID projects here 

In parallel, RAPID has also recently announced a new, members-only offering, their RAPID Review. This ongoing publication aims to highlight the progress and successes of RAPID research projects. Read more here

June 24th - RAPID Project Spotlight: “Multiphase Microchannel Separator” 

Background: In conventional two-phase separation, mass transport between two phases can be intensified via increased surface area, usually in the form of smaller droplets or bubbles. The increase in the interfacial surface area typically results in higher energy cost due to agitation, slower...

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