REMADE, established under the Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation Alliance by the U.S. Department of Energy, focuses on enabling the early stage applied research and development of key industrial platform technologies that could dramatically reduce the embodied energy and carbon emissions associated with industrial-scale materials production and processing.

The Institute’s research will include the development of key platform technologies across five focus areas:

  • (1) System analysis and integration
  • (2) Design for reuse and disassembly
  • (3) MFG materials optimization
  • (4) Reman / EOL reuse
  • (5) Recycling and recovery

Project calls are released each year, and REMADE has a number of projects currently selected.

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Staying Current with REMADE:

July 3rd - Although the project calls for 19-01 have closed, responses are being processed in an effort to advance these new innovations.  Regard the institutes 30 plus additional public-private projects here