America Makes


America Makes, managed and operated by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), focuses on additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing (3DP) technology research, discovery, creation, and innovation.

Their roadmap for additive manufacturing technology has identified five technical focus areas:

  • (1) Design
  • (2) Process
  • (3) Material
  • (4) Value Chain
  • (5) AM Genome

America Makes hosts a number of projects that have upcoming Request for Proposal deadlines.

For more information on membership, please visit here


Staying Current with America Makes:

July 3rd - To help combat the spread of COVID-19, America Makes has joined forces with the FDA, NIH, and VA to be the bridge connecting the need for medical PPE with manufacturers capable of 3D printing safe PPE for medical providers.  America Makes retains an online repository, actively collecting submissions from health care providers in need of medical PPE, manufacturers with 3D printing capabilities, and designers willing to share 3D print designs. Explore opportunities to get involved here