Past Events

RAPID@The Solar Energy Systems Conference '19

Thu. Dec. 12th, 2019
Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative, Waco...
The AIChE Center for Energy Initiatives, in collaboration with other entities, is hosting a 2 day symposium to focus on solar energy innovation, challenges and opportunities for engineers and other stakeholders. RAPID will hold a short interactive session alongside this conference focused on the application of modular and chemical process intensification for producing chemicals and fuels from solar energy as a storage mechanism.


Sun. Dec. 8th, 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Center City
Join RAPID at the upcoming 2019 Food Innovation and Engineering (FOODIE) Conference. Hosted by AIChE's Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division, this conference will discuss emerging technologies for food production, analyze strategies to connect industry and cuisine, and navigate methods to fit the consumer market. RAPID will hold a short interactive session alongside this conference focused on the application of modular processing on protein separation and purification.

RAPID@The Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Thu. Dec. 5th, 2019
NYIT Auditorium on Broadway
Join RAPID at the upcoming Food-Energy-Water Nexus in New York, NY. This conference focuses in addressing obstacles and initiatives in providing and maintaining the food, energy and water supplies in urban environments. RAPID will hold a problem-discovery brainstorming session at the conference to identify the role that modularization and distributed manufacturing will play in the context of the Food-Energy-Water nexus.


Thu. Nov. 21st, 2019
Embassy Suites by Hilton, Washington D.C. Conventi...
This latest workshop in the AIChE PD2M series is the first event to address the question of what pharmaceutical manufacturing will look like in 2030 and how we should prepare now to be ready for the changes that are coming. RAPID's CEO Bill Grieco will participate as a speaker and will discuss the RAPID Manufacturing Institute and its mission to transform the process industries.


Mon. Nov. 18th, 2019
Hyatt Regency Boston, MA
Join RAPID at the 2nd Space Travel: Adaptive Research and Technologies from Biological and Chemical Engineering (STAR Tech) Conference. This conference will focus on space travel technology and capability needs, in an effort to accelerate the development of commercial and non-commercial space exploration. Alongside this conference, the RAPID Manufacturing Institute will hold a short problem-discovery workshop to identify ways that modular and chemical process intensification could be applied to space travel and habitation.

Join RAPID@Annual!

Sun. Nov. 10th, 2019
RAPID members are cordially invited to attend AIChE’s 2019 Annual meeting in Orlando, FL. RAPID will be hosting a number of events and PI Topical Conference sessions - click here to view the full schedule.