The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is embarking on an initiative called SECURE, which stands for Securing Enterprises via Cybersecurity Understanding, Resiliency, and Education. The purpose is to enable cyber-secure advanced automation and control in manufacturing, which will both substantively increase energy efficiency as well as improve process safety integrity. 

Engage in Roadmapping

AIChE SECURE and its partners are assessig the research gaps barriers, and needs for cybersecurity in the process industries for the outcomes of better addressing process safety as well as energy efficiency and operational advancements. The outcome of the Roadmapping Workshops will be prioritizing the identified gaps with respect to: 1) importance to industry; 2) ability to address the performance metrics (set by process safety and energy efficiency needs); and 3) the probability of potential impacts in a 3- and 5-year horizon.

The following technical sectors and research focus areas will be addressed over intensive sessions to be held virtually August 17 – 21, during the AIChE 2020 Spring Meeting and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety which will also feature SECURE, CEO Matt Loeb as a Keynote Speaker. 

Teams of 10 to 12 will focus on the technical industrial sectors and cross cutting areas.

Industrial Sectors:

  • Chemical Commodities (e.g., Olefins)
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Ag/Food

Cross-Cutting Areas:

  • Process Safety and Cybersecurity
  • IT/OT Convergence
  • Threat Detection
  • Automation Security
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Resilient Enterprises

To engage in the roadmapping activities, email for additional information.