MxD (formerly DMDII), originally established under UI Labs by the Department of Defense, focuses on the digital future of manufacturing, pioneering new technologies that make America’s industrial base and warfighters more resilient and agile.

MxD is developing solutions to manufacturing challenges through their partner projects across four key focus areas:

  • (1) Design, Product Development, and Systems Engineering
  • (2) Future Factory
  • (3) Agile, Resilient Supply Chain
  • (4) Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

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Staying Current with MxD:

July 3rd - MxD currently has two open project calls available. Find a synopsis and link to find out more for each below: 

1. Getting Started and Maximizing Your ROI from Digital Manufacturing as a Small Manufacturer 

Problem: There is a sustained effort among larger manufacturers to embrace digital manufacturing but there is still significant work to be done to accelerate the adoption of digital manufacturing among the supply base. Thus, there is a need for simple and practical resources that will help small and mid-sized manufacturers get started in this space and invest confidently to increase their sales, improve profitability and optimize their manufacturing operations. 

2. CMMC Readiness Assessment 

Problem: Manufacturers who are planning to renew or sign new contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) will be expected to meet the latest cybersecurity requirement later this year. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), unlike previous DoD cybersecurity requirements which allowed for self-attestation, will require validation and certification by accredited third-party assessors. Manufacturers who plan to conduct business with the DoD will need to familiarize themselves with the CMMC requirements and prepare to comply. 

**MxD announced it will join a new national project led seven other Midwest concentrated urban workforce development organizations. The groups, will strategize solutions to the U.S. manufacturing sector’s national recruitment challenges, deepen relationships between employers and communities, and develop credential-based training programs to forge a more racially inclusive future for manufacturing. Learn more about the cohort and MxD’s involvement here