CESMII, established under UCLA by the Department of Energy, focuses on smart manufacturing and the research and development of technologies and solutions that can capture, share, and process in real-time the increasing amounts of information available at manufacturing facilities.

Their technology roadmap identifies five main focus areas:

  • (1) Advanced sensors
  • (2) Real-time big data analytics and control systems
  • (3) Standardized open software and communication platforms
  • (4) Advanced high fidelity modeling
  • (5) First-of-kind application toolkits for smart manufacturing

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Staying Current with CESMII:

September 18th - Building a More Resilient U.S. Manufacturing Base

National Manufacturing Guard

All 15 Manufacturing USA Institutes have joined forces, creating a decisive set of strategies and recommendations, including calling for the creation of a National Manufacturing Guard designed to ensure a resilient and robust national supply chain and manufacturing base in the future. View upcoming webinars and learn more here

July 10th - Tuesday, CESMII announced four differing project selections totaling up to $1.7 million. These initiatives are poised to advance innovation in smart manufacturing. The selected projects will create educational programs that support smart-manufacturing technologies, processes, and workforce development.

CESMII selected the following projects for negotiations:

  • West Virginia University and Festo Didactic will create new curricula that allow students of diverse educational backgrounds to learn how traditional manufacturing and industrial practices and data-driven analytics are applied in smart-manufacturing systems.
  • Auburn University, Rayonier Advanced Materials and Linde will develop interactive training modules based on smart-manufacturing testbeds and data-enabled engineering projects.
  • University of Texas-El Paso and Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, Paso del Norte will create a smart-manufacturing curriculum and certificate program catering to Hispanic students and expand the smart-manufacturing workforce using existing regional academic, industry, and workforce-development partnerships.
  • Purdue University (West Lafayette) will design and develop an accredited Bachelor of Science degree program in smart manufacturing.

Read more about the projects selected here

July 3rd - CESMII is pleased to announce two (2) Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for institute roadmap projects. These RFPs are the final two waves of CESMII's second round of project requests (RFP2) launched in mid-2019. The areas of interest for these RFP waves will focus on: 

  • improving the core capabilities and addressing gaps in the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (Wave 3); and, 

  • launching a new category of projects, called Innovation Projects, to create solutions to manufacturing problems through the use of CESMII technologies (Wave 4). 

Although submissions have now closed for both of these waves, regard the following page for updates on these waves as well as additional call for proposals. Read more here

CESMII, CEO, recently released a state of the address towards the United States Manufacturing community regarding the role of Smart Manufacturing in the wake of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Read the statement in its entirety here