NIIMBL, established under the University of Delaware by the Department of Commerce, focuses on enabling more efficient and flexible manufacturing capabilities for existing and emerging biopharmaceutical products, and developing a world-leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing workforce and their roadmap for biomanufacturing.

Their roadmap for the manufacturing needs and propose a vision of the future for three key topics areas:

  • (1) Vaccines
  • (2) Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) and Bi-specific Antibodies
  • (3) Gene Therapies

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Staying Current with NIMBL:

July 3rd - NIIMBL currently has 54 differing projects with call for proposals open. Find out about three currently highlighted by NIMBL as well as a link to view all of the current project opportunities: 

  1. Adaptive Process Control and Advanced Sensing for Robust mAb Glycan Quality. 

  1. Single-use Center of Excellence Based on a Simulated-GMP Process for mAb Production. 

  1. SPIDER Network for Automation Training.