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CCPS has compiled video resources in both English and Spanish. View video interviews, leadership videos, and technical videos. You can also check out the CCPS webinar archive.

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Videos in English

See 7-minute webinar series and interviews from the Global Congress on Process Safety.

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Videos de Seguridad del CSB en espanol

Como parte del compromiso del CCPS a la prevencion de accidentes, y con el consentimiento del Chemical Safety Board, voluntarios del CCPS han traducido algunos videos al Espanol.

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Videos with Chinese Subtitles

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Featured Videos

Inspiring Process Safety Leadership - The Executive Role

This video is comprised of interviews with the executives in the chemical industries and their experience with process safety to prevent incidents and improve safety following a process safety incident. It is intended to be used as a basis for developing an internal briefing session for top management and Board members on Process Safety issues. 

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Managing Human Errors Video

Learn more about a widely used multimedia resource for addressing human error in high-hazard industries.

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