Project 237: Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management (Bow Tie Analysis)

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This concept book would review the foundation of the method, provide instructions on how to draw the bow tie correctly and how to avoid common errors.  Typical constructs for typical process threats – corrosion, impact, improper operation / human error, operational upsets, etc. would be demonstrated.  Every barrier can have associated risk management information – this would be explained: barrier owner, performance expectation, pending actions, related documents.  The Guideline would address how to convene a team to develop the bow tie diagram and how this should be reviewed.  Its use in ongoing facility operational management would be discussed as well as how it links to ongoing incident investigations. A Concept Book would provide guidance where none existed previously. Are there specific areas that should be represented on the committee (i.e., pharma companies, refiners,  Asia-Pacific, government agency, etc. Suggestion – include at least one Oil & Gas producers, particularly Off-shore technology.  This project may be combined with existing Project 248 Making Acute Risk Decisions.

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May 30, 2014
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