7th International Conference on Epigenetics and Bioengineering | AIChE

EpiBio explores the basics and cutting-edge technologies and applications related to the epigenome. The conference brings together interdisciplinary expertise in the field — allying biology, chemistry, physics, data processing (bioinformatics), and engineering to foster the development of novel methodologies and tools to answer biological questions in epigenetics. You’ll gain an understanding of current advances and future prospects in epigenetic engineering.

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Deadlines to submit:

  • Oral Presentations: June 7, 2024
  • Poster Presentations: August 9, 2024

Call for Abstracts

As a synthetic biologist whose training was in traditional chromatin research, I'm looking forward to the rich interdisciplinary discussions and collaborative opportunities at the EpiBio conference. This unique gathering offers a platform to explore the integration of engineering principles into chromatin research, providing fresh perspectives and innovative methodologies to tackle longstanding questions.
Karmella A. Haynes, Emory University

Grant Opportunities Available

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Top Reasons to Submit an Abstract

  • Showcasing your work will help the epigenetic engineering community to better understand the scope of interests, activities, and priorities related to the field.
  • Epigenetic engineering is a developing field that is not yet standardized in curricula or in most institutional programs allowing for a unique opportunity to contribute to the field’s state-of-the-art development.
  • This community is supportive and experienced, providing an environment for constructive feedback, brainstorming, and networking.
  • Discover new opportunities to make an impact in epigenetics while developing cross-disciplinary collaborations.


2024 Session Topics

  • Computational Epigenetics

  • Directions in Clinical Epigenetic Engineering

  • Emerging Technologies in Epigenetic and Chromatin Research

  • Perturbing Chromatin and Epigenetic Editing

  • Sensing Epigenetic Modifications

  • Single Cell Epigenetics

Special Section: The Future of Bioengineering

Driving the solutions to many of society’s biggest challenges.

I am delighted to serve as one of the chairs for this inspiring international event. The conference provides ample opportunities to establish new connections within the field and engage in open discussions exploring cutting-edge technologies in epigenetics and bioengineering. We welcome early-career researchers and established teams fostering an inclusive environment for all attendees.
Pernette Verschure, University of Amsterdam

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Hear the latest findings across numerous areas of investigation.
  • Interact with researchers from all expertise levels and across disciplines.
  • Learn about technologies and their current or potential applications to epigenetics.
  • The EpiBio conference stands out as a singular event in the field due to its unparalleled focus on the integration of engineering principles into chromatin research — providing fresh perspectives and innovative methodologies to tackle long-standing questions.
  • Attendees — including graduate trainees, postdocs, academic faculty, and industry professionals — will find opportunities to engage with peers and international leaders in the field through keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, and networking activities.

Organizing Committee Chairs

Organizing Committee

  • Lacramioara Bintu
    Stanford University
  • Isaac Hilton
    Rice University
  • Albert Jeltsch
    University of Stuttgart
  • David Katz
    Emory University
  • Jennifer Spangle
    Emory University
  • Marianne Rots
    University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands

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