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SBE Special Section Download

In the past few decades, advances in biopharmaceutical technology have unlocked new methods of drug development, testing, purification, and administration. Relatively new types of pharmaceuticals, like gene therapies and mRNA vaccines, have opened up new frontiers for innovation, while artificial intelligence and other digital and mathematical tools and models help researchers synthesize vast amounts of data, make predictions about future experiments, and better target their efforts. As such, this special section — published in the May 2024 issue of CEP — aims to capture some of the enormous scope of the biopharmaceutical industry and its ubiquitous impact on daily life.

This special section demonstrates the great variety of technology involved in translating biotherapeutics from the lab to the patient. At the same time, each article highlights the critical role cross-industry communication, collaboration, and analysis play in advancing biotherapeutic technology.

Articles within the special section cover key trends within the biotherapeutics industry, including:

  • New methods of protein separation and analysis
  • Improving drug delivery in the brain using molecular engineering
  • The logistics behind therapy storage and transportation

Download the special section to learn about these exciting developments and meet the researchers innovating in this field.

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