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Conference Grant Application

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Thank you for your interest in attending an AIChE, or AIChE Technical Entity (CCPS, SBE, IMES, IfS, etc.), conference. Please fill out the following form to be considered for support. Support will be awarded on a quarterly first come, first served basis. First time applicants in a calendar year will receive priority over applicants who have already received a grant in the same year (and are now applying for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. conference).

We encourage you to submit a quality abstract of your research (Poster or Oral) prior to applying for support, however, you may apply without submitting an abstract. Additionally, please provide a short justification regarding your merits and reasons to receive support. The resulting survey will be reviewed by a selecting committee. All data collected will remain confidential.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers encourages diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other minorities and the selection committee will use this survey to ensure fair representation. We encourage students from non-RI institutions to apply.

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