Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology 2019

Exploring the Global Impact of Industrial Biotechnology
May 13-14, 2019
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This 2 day-conference on Technology Challenges and Opportunities in Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology will take place at The DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles from May 13th to 14th in Los Angeles, California. 

AIChE’s thoughts are with those affected by the California wildfires and the first responders doing all they can to help.​

Call for Abstracts is now open until February 18th, 2019

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Biobased production of industrial chemicals, fuels, and specialties (industrial biotech) has had many triumphant moments in the last few decades.  Along with these successes, however, industrial biotech has also faced and had to overcome challenges, disappointments, and delays.  We seem now to be at a turning point where regulatory and environmental factors, customer and consumer awareness, and technology progress are aligning – signaling and ushering in a golden era.  At this point, success for any biobased product should be viewed as a common achievement for all players in the field; it raises credibility and excitement across the industry, including with investors.  “Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology” is a workshop where industrial biotech thought leaders – in particular, those who have been through it all – will share their experiences and their views on current challenges. The outcome is a sharing of common learnings that can help us all advance further and together!

The theme of the 2019 conference is the Global Impact of Industrial Biotechnology. The conference will explore ways in which biotech is growing into new markets.


  • Market pull - The changing consumer landscape
  • Advancements enabling a new wave of products
  • Feedstocks - Can cost and other advantages be realized with non-traditional feedstocks?
  • Investment trends - What is driving the increased access to new sources of capital flowing into industrial biotechnology? 
  • Deployment - Diverse strategies (and locations) for advancing products from the lab through piloting and on to full manufacturing? 
  • From commodities to fine chemicals - Examples of how and why biotech can compete? 

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Keynote Speaker

  • Catia Bastioli, Novamont

Invited Speakers

  • Paul Hill, Amyris
  • Henk Noorman, DSM
  • Freya Burton, LanzaTech
  • John Kang, CJ
  • Jenny Rooke, Genoa Ventures
  • Shawn Semones, Concentric
  • Smita Shankar, Impossible Foods

Conference Chairs

  • Kevin Madden, Gingko Bioworks
  • Todd Pray, US DOE Berkeley National Lab

Organizing Committee

  • Doug Cameron, First Green Partners
  • Bo Chen, Genomatica
  • Joel Cherry, Amyris
  • Brian Davison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Vonnie Estes, Independent Consultant
  • Jeff Lievense, Genomatica