Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology 2017

September 18-19, 2017

This 2 day-conference on Technology Challenges and Opportunities in Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology will take place at The Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa from September 18th to 19th  in Mission Bay San Diego, California.

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Biobased production of industrial chemicals, fuels, and specialties (industrial biotech) has had many triumphant moments in the last few decades.  Along with these successes, however, industrial biotech has also faced and had to overcome challenges, disappointments, and delays.  We seem now to be at a turning point where regulatory and environmental factors, customer and consumer awareness, and technology progress are aligning – signaling and ushering in a golden era.  At this point, success for any biobased product should be viewed as a common achievement for all players in the field; it raises credibility and excitement across the industry, including with investors.  “Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology” is a workshop where industrial biotech thought leaders – in particular, those who have been through it all – will share their experiences and their views on current challenges. The outcome is a sharing of common learnings that can help us all advance further and together!

Conference Chairs

  • Vineet Rajgarhia, Total
  • Joel Cherry, Amyris

Organizing Committee

  • Brian Davison, Oak Ridge National Lab 
  • Jeff Lievense, Genomatica
  • Doug Cameron, First Green Partners
  • Doug Rivers, Sunflwr, Inc

  • Kevin Madden, Ginkgo Bioworks

  • Todd Pray, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Session Topics

  • From production to bio-production: Successes and challenges in remaking chemical manufacturing
  • The next wave: New Technologies in bioprocess, modeling, analytics, and strain engineering
  •  ‘Sugar is King’: Panel Q&A Talk with 1G and 2G sugar production for bioproducts
  •  Bioprocess optimizers - Latent opportunity for the industry by using new tools
  •  New Molecules that could be game-changers as future biobased products

Featured Speakers

Ron Cascone

Ron Cascone is a Principal in the Energy and Chemicals Advisory at Nexant, Inc. and a leader of the company’s broad and unique involvement in bio-renewables, as well as being highly experienced in conventional chemicals and fuels.  He is a chemical engineer with 50 years of experience in the process industries.  Ron has led or assisted in many technical, economic, and business feasibility analyses and in dozens of finance due diligence assignments across a wide range of industries and technologies, and mostly of late, in renewable chemicals, fuels, and...Read more

Jim Lane

Jim Lane is editor & publisher of The Digest and Nuu, the world’s most widely-read bioeconomy dailies...Read more

Brook Porter

A respected investor, advisor and entrepreneur at the intersection of technology and sustainability, Brook Porter brings decades of energy, transportation and agriculture expertise to G2VP as a founding partner.

Brook joined Kleiner Perkins in 2010, where he led investments within their Green Growth Fund in Farmers Edge (shares acquired), Turo, Uber, DJI and sits on the board of Proterra.

A serial entrepreneur, Brook co-founded two sustainable transportation companies prior to joining Kleiner Perkins: Intelligent Energy, a fuel cell technology company and...Read more