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Speakers' presentations and conference video footage now available.

Thank you to all those who participated in the RCN-CCUS Annual Meeting and Workshop and helped make it a successful event!  Speakers' presentations are posted below (links provided in the program listed under "Conference Information" section).  Complete video coverage of the conference can be found on the RCN-CCUS YouTube channel here; please subscribe for updates on the latest videos.

Conference Information:

RCN-CCUS welcomed engineers of all disciplines; researchers, scientists and academics; economists; regulatory and legal professionals; and anybody else interested in Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) to attend the workshop and meeting. 

The RCN Annual Meeting in 2014 included a one-day workshop in addition to a day and a half of RCN sessions focusing on in-depth technological and policy related discussions on CCUS.  The program was as follows:

April 14th - Workshop on "Air Capture and its Applications in Closing the Carbon Cycle"  

This workshop was part of an on-going collaboration between Columbia University's Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy and Technical University of Denmark's Department of Energy Conversion and Storage. To find out more about this collaboration and past workshops, click here.

Introduction:  Mogens B. Mogensen, Technical University of Denmark:  "Closing the Carbon Cycle with Air Capture" (click here for video)

Panel 1 - Business and Policy Implications (click here for video)

Moderator:  Jason Bordoff, Columbia University


Panel 2 - Synthetic Fuels (click here for video)

Moderator:  Vikram Rao, Research Triangle Executive Consortium


Panel 3 - Air Capture Technology (click here for video)

Moderator:  Peter Eisenberger, Columbia University


Panel 4 - Closing the Loop Through Photosynthesis and Plants (click here for video)

Moderator:  Frank O'Keefe, Infinitree LLC


April 15th – RCN-CCUS Annual Meeting Day 1

Introduction:  Alissa Park, Columbia University:  "NSF RCN-SEES: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)" (click here for video)

Panel 1 - Regulatory Developments, Costs, and Risk Assessment of CCUS (click here for video)

Moderator:  Shelley Welton, Columbia University


Panel 2 - Global Large-Scale Projects on CCUS and their Outlook (click here for video)

Moderator:  Camille Petit, Imperial College


April 16th – RCN-CCUS Annual Meeting Day 2

Panel 3 - Current Status and Challenges in CO2 Capture and Conversion (click here for video)

Moderator:  Alissa Park, Columbia University


For a more detailed agenda, please click here.


Thank you to those who presented posters at the workshop and meeting.  The poster abstracts can be viewed here.

Information about RCN-CCUS

The RCN-CCUS is a research coordination project funded by the National Science Foundation (PI: Alissa Park at Columbia University, in partnership with AIChE).  It was created to provide transformative research collaborations in CCUS and to facilitate research collaborations that effectively cross the boundaries of the natural sciences, engineering, and the social and economic sciences.  Members of the RCN are from many countries and range from scientists, academics, and engineers to representatives from the government and industrial sectors.  For more information on the RCN, visit