Peter Guilfoyle on Process Industry Digital Transformation

Manufacturing analytics (MA) and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solutions are an emerging backbone of digital transformation in manufacturing. The power of these solutions comes from near-constant systematic data interrogation to transform vast amounts of manufacturing data streams into actionable signals and insights.

We recently caught up with conference organizer Peter Guilfoyle to discuss the upcoming Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference (IDTC19) in Baltimore, MD, later this month.

In your opinion, what is the most important current trend in process technology?

The most important trend in process technology has less to do with the technology, and more to do with the people using the technology – the realization of the possibilities that digital transformation allows, not only in operations (e.g., improvements in throughput, quality, safety) but as importantly with the people who become empowered as part of DT.

Artificial Intelligence is the most important current trend. AI influences not only the process but also areas outside of the process. AI-powered analytics has potential to reduce unplanned machine downtime, improve process efficiency and product quality, and improve safety performance, match demand with supply.

What sessions or speakers would you like to highlight as new or noteworthy for the Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference?

The diversity of speakers and topics – and the opportunity to network directly with speakers and other participants – is what makes IDTC noteworthy.

  • AI Perspective
  • Application of Analytics
  • Infrastructure Requirement for Successful Implementation
  • Calculating Value of Digital Implementation In a Plant

What message would you like the audience to take away from this year’s Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference?

Industry 4.0 is driving the manufacturing industry forward. It represents an opportunity to stay competitive locally and globally, but only for manufacturers willing to invest in people and technology, Industry 4.0 offers transformational opportunities for the process industry that need to be carefully vetted, prepared for and implemented to reap the maximum benefits from 4.0.

Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference (IDTC19)

Join us at the Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference (IDTC19) for an exclusive process-industry event dedicated to utilizing data-analytics guidance and decision-making solutions as part of Industry 4.0 programs to deliver operational performance improvement and competitive advantage.

IDTC19 will be held in Baltimore, MD on October 30-31. Learn more.