Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference

October 30-31, 2019
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Please join us at the Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation Conference for an exclusive process-industry event dedicated to utilizing data-analytics guidance and decision making solutions as part of Industry 4.0 programs to deliver operational performance improvement and competitive advantage.

This conference is underwritten by Northwest Analytics.

Manufacturing Analytics (MA) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions are an emerging backbone of this area of digital transformation in manufacturing. The power of these analytics-centric solutions comes from near constant systematic data interrogation to transform vast amounts of manufacturing data streams into actionable signals and insights.

These technologies enable organizations to make better, more informed operational decisions across the vast array of data available to the operators, engineers and management.

Event participants will have the opportunity to hear directly from process manufacturing peers about how they leverage manufacturing analytics to drive decisions; interact with many MA & EMI solution providers; and learn from other industry leaders about how other manufacturers are successfully starting their digital transformation journey.

Who should attend?

Ideal attendees are manufacturing professionals (executives, managers, process engineers) interested in unlocking the potential of their process data with manufacturing analytics and EMI technologies; and how to recognize and overcome obstacles related to achieving digital transformation success.


  • Industry 4.0: From Initiative to Imperative
  • Future of the Industry and What's to Come
  • Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence
  • Perspectives from Government Initiatives
  • Applications of Analytics
  • Infrastructure Requirement for Successful Implementation of Industry 4.0
  • Digital Transformation
  • Industry Case Studies


  • Calculating Value of Digital Implementation in the Plant
  • Culture Change in the Organization
  • Building a Foundation for Digital Transformation

Conference Chair:

  • Chaitanya Khare, Dow

Organizing Committee:

  • Peter Guilfoyle, Northwest Analytics
  • Sachin Padhye, Infosys
  • Katie Fayman, MxD