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New Products: October 2017

Heat Transfer

Heat Exchanger Resists Fouling when Handling Viscous Media


The NW150L stainless-steel heat exchanger plates have a wider plate gap than those in the manufacturer’s NT series, which enables efficient heat treatment while minimizing the pressure drop of viscous media and liquids containing particles with diameters up to 5 mm. The wide herringbone plate corrugation, with a gap width of 10 mm, provides highly turbulent flow across the entire plate to prevent fouling. The plates are suited for applications such as the production of bioethanol, industrial wastewater treatment, and petrochemical processing. They can be easily reassembled after cleaning and inspection. The NW Series plates can be used in place of the NT Series heat exchanger plates of the same size, which often require more frequent cleaning due to particle fouling.



Refrigerant Dryers Reduce Power Consumption and Provide Flexibility

These dryers reliably remove water from compressed air systems, which avoids unnecessary downtime. The DS-2 Series refrigerant dryer incorporates an efficient aluminum heat exchanger that minimizes power losses in the refrigeration cycle and minimizes the use of coolants. It consumes up to 30% less power than competitive dryers. Models are available with flow capacities from 0.4 m3/min to 10 m3/min. An optional energy-saving function on models with flow capacities of 2.6 m3/min and higher further reduces power consumption by cooling the compressed air during partial load. The units are designed for 50-Hz and 60-Hz operation. For hygienic applications, the fridge desiccant adsorption (FRDA) dryer is a tandem system that combines refrigeration and adsorption dryers in a small footprint, providing both energy efficiency and flexibility. The tandem system ensures consistent yet variable dew points from –70°C to 3°C. The tandem control switches between the pressure dewpoints of the refrigeration dryer to those of the adsorption dryer without hardware adjustments, which enables the system to achieve a residual moisture content of 0.003 gal/m3, regardless of seasonal temperature fluctuations.

BOGE Compressed Air Systems


Mobile Platform Uses IIoT Technology to Deliver Real-Time Plant Data

The DeltaV mobile platform includes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology that enables plant personnel to assess data in real time from any location. The platform, part of the Plantweb portfolio of standards-based hardware, software, intelligent devices, and services, delivers operational information and process data to smartphones to improve safety, reliability, and performance. It integrates seamlessly with the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) and incorporates secure communication technology. The mobile technology enables on-site teams to securely connect with off-site experts, extending expertise and collaboration beyond the plant. Customizable filters help users narrow data and alerts to only those relevant to their needs. The app is suitable for use at oil and gas plants, refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities.


Software Helps Overcome Efficiency Challenges and Increase Productivity

Companies undertaking automation projects are under pressure to show an early return on investment. The LEAP for Operations program helps customers optimize, simplify, and run industrial operations more efficiently. The program builds on LEAP methodology, which eliminates repetition, rework, and redundant tasks. It offers a variety of adaptable tools. Depending on the challenge, software may include automated documentation, collaboration tools, integrated controllers, advanced alarm management, real-time analytics, proactive asset management, and cloud-based execution with built-in cybersecurity. The package includes a broad set of universal and connected assets that expand device implementation, and includes an Ethernet interface module that allows integration with subsystems on an Ethernet Internet protocol topography.


Alarm Management Software Upgrade Enhances Connectivity and Improves Maintenance

Version 2.3 of AgileOps alarm management software provides improved connectivity, database maintenance functionality, customized reporting, and additional alarm configurations. Simplified software configuration enhances connectivity with Foxboro instrumentation, and support for Foxboro MessageLogger helps capture historical events. Other refinements include a structured query language (SQL) maintenance plan that maintains six months of database backups and manages the log file size. A format export option creates custom output formats. An optimized SQL operation during the data-update phase of AutoDiscovery improves system performance.



Materials and Chemicals

Fast-Curing Polyurethane Coating Repairs Flexible and Rigid Products

RepaCoat FX, a permanently elastic two-component polyurethane elastomer, seals and repairs flexible materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, as well as metal, wood, and concrete. It cures quickly, resists wear and abrasion, and withstands continuous-duty temperatures up to 248°F (120°C) and peak-exposure temperatures up to 320°F (160°C). The elastomer retains full elasticity even after multiple elongations and compression loadings. It can be applied on-site to gaskets, conveyor belts, pumps, impellers, tubes, pipes, tanks, and silos.

Stronghold Coatings

Structural Adhesives Incorporate Features of Instant and Epoxy Adhesives

These Loctite structural adhesives combine attributes of structural, instant, and epoxy adhesives to deliver bond strength, speed, and durability in maintenance applications. The adhesives can be used with most metal, plastic, and rubber substrates. HY 4070 is a two-part, colorless-to-pale-yellow cyanoacrylate/acrylic gel adhesive. It provides fast fixture at room temperature and can bond gaps up to 2 in. wide. It may be used in applications that require excess adhesive to completely cure as well as resistance to temperature and moisture. It is available as a 10-mL ready-to-use pack. HY 4060 GY, a two-component general-purpose adhesive, bonds in 5 min and can be machined. It cures at low temperatures, and is suitable for high-temperature and humid environments. It is available as a 25-mL ready-to-use cartridge.




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