Center for Hydrogen Safety Europe Conference 2020 | AIChE

Presented by the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) and DECHEMA, the conference will bring together academics, industry, and government representatives to highlight the safe use of hydrogen in commercial and industrial applications.

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Keynote Speakers

  • Simon Jallais
    Air Liquide
  • Stuart Hawksworth

Invited Speakers


  • Nico Bouwkamp
    California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • Philipp Braunsdorf

Organizing Committee

Session Topics

  • Safety in Over the Road Distribution

  • Recent Incidents, Investigations and Responses

  • Train, Heavy-Duty Truck and Bus Safety Approach

  • Storage and Materials Safety

  • Safety in Test and Laboratory Environments

  • Open Discussion on Communication Preparation

  • Safety and Preparedness in Legacy Applications

  • Liquid Hydrogen Safety

  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Pipeline - Safety, Lessons Learned, and Future

  • Tunnel &Parking Garage Safety

  • Hydrogen Safety in Industrial Applications

  • Hydrogen Safety in Maritime

  • Hydrogen Safety in Production & Electrolyzers

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