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Join Us for Our Monthly Member Meetings

Each month, members of our community gather to exchange insights, experiences, and best practices in hydrogen safety. These meetings offer a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field while connecting with fellow industry professionals.

What to Expect

Through our 'Member Focus,' attendees have the chance to hear from fellow members regarding what they are working on related to hydrogen, the safety aspects of their work, challenges, and any interesting learnings. This agenda item gives members a chance to ask questions and learn from their colleagues in the industry. Each member meeting will also include an interactive element that allows the membership to digest and discuss an important hydrogen safety topic. Whether it is a breakout discussion or a Q&A with one of the experts from the Hydrogen Safety Panel, we always provide an opportunity for deeper learning. During our member meetings, a member of the Hydrogen Safety Panel will also present recent incidents and lessons learned. Incidents and lessons learned are taken from the hydrogen industry as well as lessons learned from CNG vehicle incidents that can be applied to the hydrogen industry, supplied to us from our partners at NGV America. Our meetings also include CHS updates on events and resources, to keep our membership up to date on the work that we are doing.

Connect With Us

Are you an employee of one of our member companies? Come join us for our next member meeting. Not a member of the Center for Hydrogen Safety? Apply for membership today! Be part of the conversation at The Center for Hydrogen Safety.