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Call for Nominations

Robert Zalosh Hydrogen Safety Excellence Awards

The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) is proud to announce the call for nominations for the annual Robert Zalosh Hydrogen Safety Excellence Awards. These awards recognize individuals, organizations, or projects that have made a positive impact on safety practices within the hydrogen industry.

Award Categories

The Robert Zalosh Hydrogen Safety Excellence Awards will recognize excellence with three separate awards, each covering a distinct category: individual, project, and organization.

  • The individual award will recognize persons who have made major contributions to hydrogen safety throughout their lifetime.
  • The project award will honor groups of people who have completed particularly impactful initiatives over the past year.
  • Lastly, the organization award will recognize academic institutions, companies, government entities, or other organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to hydrogen safety.

Should there be no suitable candidates within a category, no award will be given for that category in that year. This may result in no awards being distributed for the year, depending on the submissions received.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations should feature individuals, projects, or organizations who have demonstrated hydrogen safety as a core value and whose activities or accomplishments have positively influenced safety practices in the hydrogen industry.


The award is open to any individual, company, organization, government entity, or academic institution worldwide. For detailed eligibility information please refer to the submission instructions.


Award nominations must be submitted by October 31 each year for consideration for the following year's award, which is announced annually on March 1. A trophy, symbolizing the awardee's significant contributions to hydrogen safety, will be presented annually at an AIChE or CHS conference meeting.

How to Submit Nominations

To nominate an individual, project, or project team for the award, you must submit the following required documents through our online form or via email at

Note, self-nomination or nomination of one’s own family, organization, or project team is not permitted.

Robert Zalosh

This prize in honor of Dr. Robert Zalosh commemorates his 20 years of lasting impact on the field of hydrogen and fuel cell safety. Bob Zalosh’s professional career exemplified how vast technical knowledge and extensive experience can positively impact multiple sectors, including academia, industry, federal, and public service. By acknowledging achievements in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell safety, this award aims to continue the advancement of safety practices and innovation in the industry, reflecting the values and dedication that defined his career.