Jogchum Bruinsma | AIChE

Jogchum Bruinsma

Head of Maritime Applications

Jogchum Bruinsma is Head of Maritime Applications at Nedstack. Jogchum holds a Masters degree in Control Systems Engineering and a Bachelors in Industrial Automation of the HAN University of Applied Science. He is co-author of articles on the application of fuel cells and driving cycle characterization. Jogchum Bruinsma has worked in several of senior engineering and management positions at Boskalis and Huisman Etech Experts, where he was in involved in many innovative and challenging projects. At Nedstack, he was project manager of the FELMAR project and responsible for the development of maritime fuel cell systems. He is a board member of ZESTA`s and actively involved in the Hydrogen Europe Maritime workgroup and the IEA-HIA task 39 expert group.