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Hydrogen Hubs and CHS

Worldwide, there's a noteworthy surge in activities and substantial funding allocated toward advancing hydrogen hubs.

As these initiatives proceed, there will naturally arise inquiries about safety protocols and optimal practices. In the realm of hydrogen safety, the preeminent global authority is the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS). To meet the needs of these developing hubs CHS is establishing a Hydrogen Hubs Working Group that will be open to any CHS member that is a part of a global hub.

The Hydrogen Hubs Working Group will provide a forum for hub participants to:

  • Discuss safety topics and issues
  • Participate in a community to resolve shared problems.
  • Develop resources that can be used among working group members
  • Highlight and promote significant hydrogen safety issues to outside entities

If you have questions about Hydrogen Hubs and Hydrogen Safety, or interest in joining the CHS Hydrogen Hub Working Group, click here.