Jennifer Wen | AIChE

Jennifer Wen

Professor of Engineering
University of Warwick

Jennifer Wen is Professor of Engineering at University of Warwick. Jennifer established and currently leads Warwick FIRE, a multidisciplinary research laboratory for both fundamental and applied research into fire and explosion hazards as well as accidental releases of hazardous materials. Her research is particularly focused on safety issues related to low carbon technology covering hydrogen, electric cars, energy efficient buildings, carbon capture and storage as well as liquified natural gas.  She has co-authored over 370 journal and conference papers in the field. Jennifer sits on the scientific committee for the series of biennial International Conferences on Hydrogen Safety. As Lead Guest Editor, she published 3 special issues on hydrogen safety for the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy  (IJHE) (2011- 2015) and continues to remain as a Guest Editor for the series of biennial special issue on hydrogen safety for IJHE. Jennifer  leads Task Force 3 “Data Collection and assessment” for the 1st European Safety Panel on Hydrogen Safety (EHSP) established by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU).