Green Manufacturing and Processing Workshop

Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 11:00am EDT
Event format: 
Virtual / Online
Posted by Derek Ward

Join us for a pre-conference event to learn about Green Manufacturing and Processing!

In the broad sense, green manufacturing refers to manufacturing and processing practices that use resources more efficiently (e.g., reduction in energy consumption, reduction in water usage), reduce waste generation (e.g., use of alternative raw materials, recycling, process mass intensity reduction), and/or use renewable resources. The application of green manufacturing technologies is influenced by external factors, such as government policies, corporate consciousness, and stakeholder behavior, and it may have profound economic, social, and environmental effects. In this last pre-Advanced Manufacturing & ProcessingConferenceevent, a group of subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government will discuss vital aspects of green manufacturing such as benefits and challenges of implementation, process intensification, and advances in greener processing technologies, efficient use of energy, etc.