Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Materials Workshop

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 11:00am EDT
Event format: 
Virtual / Online
Posted by Derek Ward

Join us for a pre-conference event to learn about Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Materials!

The additive manufacturing and processing is an advanced manufacturing technique that is relatively new in the industry. The diverse applications extend from energy, health, consumer products, functional equipment, and durable goods. From a chemical engineering standpoint, additive manufacturing and processing requires the development of new “printable” materials, printing technologies, design methodologies and protocols, and control system design.

This pre-Advanced Manufacturing & Processing Conference event, The Additive Manufacturing, and Processing session, will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas about the most recent materials' innovations/challenges associated with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing. A group of subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government will discuss different topics of interest, including the current opportunities and challenges associated with the development of Additive Manufacturing and Processing enabling technologies and the applications.