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Nov 2020 - "We shall eat grass but have our bomb"

Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation presentation slides

Sept 2019 - Single-use Technology in Biomanufacturing

presentation slides

Sep 2020 - Safety Layers and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

presentation slides

Oct 2019 - Fusion Power - Inexhaustible, Clean, but....

presentation slides

Oct 2020 - Management of Change - An Overview

presentation slides

Jan 2020 - Risk-based Process Safety

presentation slides

November 2018 - Evaluating Project Success

presentation slides

May 2020 - Phillips 66 Explosion - 30 years+ Later

presentation slides

May 2019 - Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

presentation slides

Jun 2020 - Ethics: Examining Your Engineering Responsibility

presentation slides

Apr 2019 Spring Symposium - Part 1

A TEN-STEP PROCESS FOR ENERGY ANALYSIS - Understand the energy used to transform raw material into finished product to enhance energy efficiency. Presented by Peter Sibilski

Sept 2016 Meeting presentation

Best Practices in Process Safety It’s Not Just for Chemical Plants & Refineries, presented by Richard W. Sarnie, CSP, P.E., ARM-E

Jun 2018 Meeting presentation

Beer 101 presented by Peter Sibilski at Cricket Hill Brewery, Fairfield, NJ

Mar 2017 Meeting presentation

Next Generation 3D Printed Propulsion Charges for Guns, presented by Duncan Park, US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center

March 2016 Meeting presentation

The Chemistry of Cosmetics & How Chemical Engineers Make it Happen, presented by Peter Sibilski

Jan 2017 Meeting presentation

Integrating Process Safety and Innovation, presented by Peter Sibilski

Oct 2017 NJIT Student Chapter Meeting presentation

Management of Change - An Overview, presented by Peter Sibilski

April 2017 Meeting Presentation

Clean Nuclear Power: Part 1 - Fuel Cycle, presented by Ara Barsamian

Oct 2016 NJIT Student Chapter presentation

Safety: Examining Your Engineering Responsibility, presented by Peter Sibilski

November 2019 Meeting Presentation

Single Use Technologies in Biomanufacturing, presented by Peter Sibilski

Oct 2018 Fall Lecture Series

An Introduction to Process Intensification and RAPID Manufacturing, presented by Peter Sibilski. Fall Lecture Series hosted by EI Associates

January 2018 Meeting Presentation

Cogeneration Basics - An Overview, presented by Peter Sibilski

Sept 2018 Meeting presentation

Solar Chemistry Heats Up: A look at how sunlight is being used to initiate chemical reactions, presented by Peter Sibilski

Spring Symposium 2018

CO2-Capture Technologies: An Overview, presented by Peter Sibilski and Robert Rossi

Feb 2016 Meeting presentation

Standing Out Is The New Fitting In: Shirk conventions and express your individuality. You and your employer will benefit. Presented by Peter Sibilski at the annual Scholarship dinner meeting at NJIT.

April 2016 Meeting presentation

Attached is the presentation made by Ara at the April North Jersey LS meeting on Blending Optimization. The password to access is aichenj.