Center for Hydrogen Safety

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Building on AICHE’s experience in chemical industrial process safety, and access to 60,000 members in 110 countries, the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) is a global oriented non-profit dedicated to promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide. The CHS identifies and addresses concerns regarding the safe use of hydrogen:

  • As a sustainable energy carrier
  • In commercial and industrial applications
  • In hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

The Center for Hydrogen Safety provides the hydrogen and fuel cell industries and its stakeholders with:

  • Educational products and resources
  • Hydrogen safety guidelines
  • Accredited first responder training
  • Global conferences
  • Member company access to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Hydrogen Safety Panel (HSP) for independent safety evaluation of projects and facilities including:
    • HSP review of designs and specifications, risk assessments, safety plans, and facility operations
    • HSP investigation of safety-related incidents
  • Access to and utilization of the Hydrogen Tools Portal for dissemination of information

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