Further Your Energy Career with the Hydrogen Economy Program

Hydrogen is currently used heavily in the process industries, and it is seen as a significant future replacement option for the fossil fuels that are now used in power generation, transportation, and industry. However, most hydrogen today is produced from fossil energy sources. It will need to be decarbonized if it is to take its place as a dominant player in sustainable energy. 

The Hydrogen Economy Program is an interactive, online educational program that shares insights into the technology, economics, policy, and business drivers and barriers for hydrogen, both in the short term and in the long term. It examines hydrogen’s production, transportation, safety, use, and commercial opportunities, and considers both onshore and offshore applications. 

This micro-credentialing program, presented in collaboration with the University of Houston, delivers a multi-disciplinary understanding of challenges and solutions to develop a viable hydrogen economy. Taught by industry leaders and esteemed faculty from the University of Houston, the program consists of 15-hour modules with digital badges, and three badges earn participants a "Silver Belt" from UH Energy, along with certificates from AIChE, all endorsed by the University of Houston for resume credential.

We spoke with Alan Rossiter, Executive Director, External Relations/Educational Program Development, at UH Energy, University of Houston, about the program and what participants will gain from becoming credentialed.

What are some specific areas or concepts that program participants will gain confidence in? 

The objective of the Hydrogen Economy Program is to develop both confidence and competence throughout the entire hydrogen supply chain. The program is interdisciplinary, and it covers a wide range of topics, from the various ways of producing hydrogen, through transportation options, to end uses. The capstone project at the end of the program, in particular, has proved extremely useful in consolidating learnings and building confidence in program participants as they prepare to apply program concepts in real world applications.

How can this program help job candidates stand out?

Many past participants have been able to apply learnings from the program in their current work – in some cases, before they even finish the course. Their managers and colleagues have taken note of this. There are some testimonials at the bottom of UH Energy’s Hydrogen Economy webpage, https://uh.edu/uh-energy/sed-program/hydrogen/.

Many recent graduates don’t have experience in the energy industry. How will this credential help them as they begin their careers?

The instructors for the Hydrogen Economy include both accomplished faculty at the University of Houston and industry experts who are leading the way in hydrogen. This provides a unique balance of academic rigor and practical expertise, and a great foundation for anyone who is starting an energy career.

Fall 2023 program

The fall program will run from August 21, 2023 – November 13, 2023. The program is currently accepting applications through August 14, 2023. 

Learn more about the Hydrogen Economy Program and apply to participate today.