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Hydrogen Safety Education

The Center for Hydrogen Safety is delivering educational products to help the industry build the safety skills needed to meet the demands of the growing hydrogen marketplace.

Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential

Reducing risk, liability and exposure is essential to the long-term growth and development of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential demonstrates an employee’s understanding of hydrogen’s properties and best practices for handling it safely. The credential also exemplifies an organization’s preparedness to work safely and underpins stakeholder and public confidence.

CHS First Responders Micro Training Learning Plan

Increasing availability and adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) presents new safety challenges for First Responders (FR). The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) in collaboration with AIChE has developed a microtraining learning plan as part of the Hydrogen Safety for First Responders training. This 4-part multimedia course aims to better inform incident responders and support the safe handling and use of hydrogen in a variety of fuel cell applications.

Hydrogen (h2) Tools

Access variety of tools and web-based content on the safety aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to help inform those tasked with designing, approving or using systems and facilities, as well as those responding to incidents.

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Hydrogen: Safety Moving Toward Our Next Fuel Source