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Regenerative Engineering Society (RE)

Regenerative Engineering Society promotes and advances regenerative engineering, a new field defined as the Convergence of Advanced Materials Sciences, Stem Cell Science, Physics, Developmental Biology and Clinical Translation for the regeneration of complex tissues and organ systems.

Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine Journal

Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine is an international journal covering convergence of the disciplines of tissue engineering, advanced materials science, stem cell research, the physical sciences, and areas of developmental biology.

AfroBiotech Conference 2019

October 27-29, 2019
The AfroBiotech Conference, hosted by the Society for Biological Engineering, will highlight the achievements of African Americans in biotechnology, inspire a new generation of diverse biotechnology professionals and identify, communicate, and explore current advancements in various aspects of Biotechnology.

Avoid Sulfolane Regeneration Problems

Reactions and Separations
Donald F. Schneider
The regeneration of sulfolane, a common extraction solvent, is difficult. With proper attention to design and operation, problems can be minimized.

Going Small Is Big: Creating Organoids for Regenerative Medicine

SBE Special Section
Ogechi Ogoke, Mitchell H. Maloy, Saber Meamardoost, Natesh Parashurama
Organoids are a promising tool to replicate key structural and functional features of human organs. Recent developments in organoids to model the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas have the potential to advance regenerative medicine.

Improve Regeneration of Adsorbent Beds

Reactions and Separations
Tom Lessard, P.E., Sarah Skillern
Evaluating adsorbent bed process design and regeneration procedures can provide opportunities for optimization, ultimately reducing operating costs and emissions.
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