2nd Cell Free Systems Conference | AIChE

The Cell Free Systems Conference will provide a broad overview of the research and industrial applications in the field. This research encompasses a variety of fields and topics — including diagnostics, protein engineering, manufacturing, circuit design, synthetic cells, high-throughput characterization, fundamental research into chemistry of life, and other areas. The program is unique in that it focuses specifically on cell-free systems and all of the exciting ways they are being applied.  

Funding Opportunity May Be Available

Funding may be available to support your registration at Cell Free Systems. We encourage U.S.-based students, post-docs and assistant professors to apply for a grant to attend this event. If approved, your registration will be reimbursed.

Join us to explore the future of Cell Free Systems with the latest advancements in building novel systems, rapid prototyping, biomanufacturing and more! Connect with experts from industry and academia to uncover new possibilities for understanding biology and developing real-world applications.
Gordon Herling-McInroy, Nuclera

Top Reasons to Present

  • Be part of a program focused on using the programmable capabilities of cell free systems to accelerate research and development across the life sciences.
  • Share knowledge and connect with scientists and researchers working in cell free systems.
  • Benefit from creative input from colleagues working in allied fields.
  • Identify colleagues who might use your research in a collaboration.
  • Identify trends that might influence your current research.

Session Topics

  • Cell Free Biosensing and Diagnostics

  • Bottom-Up Cell Free

  • Development, Characterization and Reproducibility of Cell Free Systems

  • Cell Free Metabolic Engineering

  • Cell Free for Rapid Prototyping

  • Cell Free Biomanufacturing

  • Deploying Cell Free Systems in the Real World

  • Cell Free Systems for Understanding Biology

The conference brings together the most comprehensive group of key leaders in cell-free area across industry and academia. Our program is packed with new developments and advances that can spark new collaborations and help build a more tightly-knit community of technology developers, resulting in a rewarding experience.
Weston Kightlinger, Ph.D., Resilience, Inc.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Meet experts and leaders in the cell free systems field.
  • Obtain a broad view of recent applications and developments in cell-free systems, and gain insight into where trends in the field are heading.
  • Foster academic and industrial knowledge exchange and partnerships.
  • Learn about cell free systems as a platform technology to support life sciences. 
  • Develop new collaborations and build relationships for current and future projects.

Who Should Attend

  • Ph.D. students, postdocs, and faculty 
  • Program managers, researchers and directors from government-funding agencies
  • National/defense labs 
  • Scientists and researchers from industry and academia — at all career stages
  • Anyone interested in cell fee systems research and applications 

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