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The Metabolic Engineering Conference is the world-leading conference to share developments and achievements in the field. The conference enables participants to collectively explore how developments in metabolic engineering can advance diverse sectors across agriculture, biomanufacturing, medicine, and more. No other conference provides this breadth and excellence in the field of metabolic engineering.

ME15 will continue to spark collaboration and inspire innovation in metabolic engineering. I look forward to welcoming ME15 participants to Singapore and introducing them to Singapore’s cultural and natural diversity as well.
Matthew Chang, Conference Chair, National University of Singapore

Metabolic Engineering Awards

The International Metabolic Engineering Society will present the International Metabolic Engineering Award, the Jay Bailey Young Investigator Award in Metabolic Engineering, and poster awards. 

Session Topics

  • New-to-Nature Chemistry for Metabolic Engineering

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Metabolic Engineering

  • Next-Generation Chassis for Metabolic Engineering

  • Metabolic Engineering for Multi-Cellular Systems

  • Next-Generation Feedstock for Metabolic Engineering

  • Metabolic Engineering for Biomanufacturing: From Lab to Industry

  • Biofoundries: Automation in Metabolic Engineering

  • Synthetic Biology for Metabolic Engineering

  • Next-Generation Analytics for Metabolic Engineering

  • Next-Generation Analytics for Metabolic Engineering

  • Metabolic Engineering for Next-Generation Agrifood

  • Metabolic Engineering for Next-Generation Medicine

  • Future of Metabolic Engineering

The Metabolic Engineering conference series is more than just a technical conference—it’s a community. This is one of the few ‘must-attend’ conferences.
Hal Alper, The University of Texas at Austin

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Through engaging technical talks, participants will learn about the field's opportunities and challenges
  • Held in one of Asia's biotech hubs, ME15 will provide fresh perspectives on how the world is leveraging metabolic engineering to address global problems
  • The single-track conference format enables a high degree of interaction
  • This is THE conference for metabolic engineering—the people, the breadth, the topics, the community
  • Learn about developments that will have an immediate impact on science and society

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers and scientists at all career stages
  • Engineers and scientists in industry and academia  
  • Students and senior researchers 
  • Industry decision makers/ tech scouts looking to speed up research and foster new applications

Things to Do

Singapore has continually reinvented itself to become one of the most enticing destinations in Asia, attracting record numbers of tourists with its cuisines, cultures, shopping havens and nightspots.

I really enjoy the community of researchers who gather for the ME conferences. ME15 is a terrific opportunity to renew existing connections while also welcoming new participants.
Kristala L. Jones Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Plenary Speakers

Invited Speakers

Session Chairs

Organizing Committee

Scientific Advisory Board

  • George Guo-Qiang Chen
    Tsinghua University
  • Jay Keasling
    University of California Berkeley
  • Sang Yup Lee
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
  • Jim Liao
    Academia Sinica
  • Costas Maranas
    Pennsylvania State University
  • Jens Nielsen
    BioInnovation Institute
  • Sarah O'Connor
    Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
  • Kris Prather
  • Jack Pronk
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft
  • Christina Smolke
  • Greg Stephanopoulos

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