Akihiko Kondo | AIChE

Akihiko Kondo

Kobe University

Akihiko Kondo received his Ph.D. from Kyoto University in Chemical Engineering (1988). He was appointed as full professor of Kobe University in 2003 and also appointed as a team leader of the cell factory research team at RIKEN institute (Yokohama) in 2012. A. Kondo has developed various platform technologies such as cell surface display systems, metabolic pathway design tools, metabolic analysis technologies, genome editing and long chain DNA synthesis technologies and applied for construction of various microbial cell factories. A.
Kondo has been appointed as editor or editorial board members of many Journals such as Journal of Biotechnology, Biotechnology for Biofuels, Bioresource Technology, FEMS Yeast Research etc. He has published more than 570 peer reviewed international papers.