2nd Food-Energy-Water Nexus Conference | AIChE

How do we provide and maintain the food, energy and water supplies in urban environments as the population continues to increase? Obstacles and initiatives are the focus of this conference, and attendees will leave with new ideas and collaborators

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Session Topics

  • Arid Region Food Energy Water Management

  • Policy Solutions for Food Energy Water

  • Technological Solutions for Efficient FEW Management

  • Social and Enviornmental Justice Issues in FEW

  • Methodological Challenges in FEW Systems

  • Energy Focus of the FEW Equation

  • Water Focus of the FEW Equation

  • Technological Solutions for Efficient FEW Management

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Invited Speakers

  • Debalina Sengupta
    Texas A&M University
  • Dhabia Al-Mohannadi
    Texas A&M University Qatar
  • Sanjiv Gokhale
    Vanderbilt University
  • Brendan O'Connor
    North Carolina State University
  • Ashlynn Stillwell
    U. of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
  • Laura Moreno
  • Callie Babbit
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Katy Franklin
  • Julie Sinistore
  • Corinne Scown
    Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Hanna Breunig
    Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Sarah J. Smith
    Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Bassel Daher
    Texas A&M University
  • Benjamin Goldstein
    McGill University
  • Erica Dorr
  • Benoit Gabrielle
  • Sybil Sharvelle
    Colorado State University


Steering Committee

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