Jordan Chamberlain | AIChE

Jordan Chamberlain


Jordan has six years of experience in sustainability strategy, inventory management, and resiliency planning. She provides analytical support for clients through environmental data tracking, reporting, and goal-setting. Jordan has calculated greenhouse gas (GHG), water, and waste inventories, performed risk assessments, and assessed year-over-year portfolios for clients across a variety of sectors. She has informed climate resiliency studies for both corporate and public clients, mapping climate change risks to organizations’ assets and stakeholder interests. Jordan has experience with supply chain strategy development, including supplier assessments, goal setting, and supplier engagement program development. Additionally, Jordan has LCA experience across sectors, including modelling in GaBi® Life Cycle Assessment Software, completing screening-level and ISO-conformant LCAs, and guiding strategy to use LCA-data to inform GHG inventories and goal tracking