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Brian Kolodji

Black Swan, LLC

The founder of Black Swan, LLC, an Intellectual Property Rights Holding Company, and Kolodji Corp, for Energy Carbon Management, Mr. Kolodji for the past over 40 years has been blessed in helping promote and fully implementing chemical engineering solutions for the most challenging chemical engineering issues; from resolving acid rain with the Parsons Corporation, to post-Bhopal process safety and risk management solutions with Union Carbide and India, to post-BP Macondo/Deep Water Horizon solutions offshore with UOP/MODEC/Petrobras/BP. Mr. Kolodji, as presenter at 2018/19/20 and chair of the 2019/20 AIChE Spring National Meeting's Carbon Management and Sustainability sessions, has been hailed by industry, and fellow presenters presenting their work from USDA and Brookhaven National Laboratory for his trademark Black Swan Cycle. Mr. Kolodji, is setting his sights on resolving the energy/water/food nexus riddle by fully implementing greenhouse gas reduction solutions to reverse global warming by 2030 with the Black Swan Cycle of energy carbon management technologies.