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The Asia-Pacific Conference has ended. However, you can still gain access to the recorded talks along with the recordings of the question and answer panels. If you wish to gain access please email You will gain access until August 2022. Cost is $295.00 US for CHS Members and $395.00 US for Non-CHS members.

Presented by the Center for Hydrogen Safety, this conference will bring together representatives from industry, government, and academia to highlight the safe use of hydrogen in commercial and industrial applications.

I am extremely excited to hear how the Asia Pacific region is progressing in the area of hydrogen promotion and hurdles that the new entrants in this space are facing. The CHS conferences have been a great opportunity to learn about how everyone is managing safety in hydrogen systems, to learn about the progress of specifications and regulations in this area, understanding the basics of hydrogen that needs to be dealt with and additionally an introduction to the community of businesses and individuals with whom we can share and leverage as a business progresses towards a successful rollout of a product.
Sumanth Addagarla, Conference Chair and Vice President of Program Management, Bayotech

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  • Fundamental Hydrogen Safety
  • Risk Awareness and Public Communication
  • Insurance and Failure Rates
  • Safety in Design
  • Safety in Operations
  • Applications
  • Learnings from Hydrogen Incidents

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