2021 Virtual International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop (mSBW) | AIChE

This event brings pioneers of synthetic biology together with experts from other relevant fields to highlight and inspire cutting-edge synthetic biology research, emphasizing both basic and applied science. The format provides a forum for exposition of the latest developments and discussions of how experts from related fields can benefit from and contribute to mammalian synthetic biology.

Top Reasons to Participate

  • Presentations on the cutting-edge of research — dedicated to synthetic biology approaches in mammalian cell from leaders in the field
  • A good opportunity to showcase your work, as more than 1/3 of the talks are selected from abstracts
  • Industry panel, with opportunities to network with biotech/startups
  • Terrific lineup of four plenary speakers, sharing the latest in mammalian synthetic biology research
  • A panel on circuit epigenetic silencing, an often-overlooked challenge in the field
I look forward to hearing the latest from colleagues in the field. The talks are always a pleasure and an inspiration and, contribute to our momentum.
Leonardo Morsut, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

mSBW Review

This review was written based on the presentations given at the 2021 Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop. The conference was supported by the National Science Foundation.

Session Topics

  • Foundational Advances

  • Applications in Stem Cells

  • Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy

  • Gene Regulation

  • Sensors and Multi-Input Logic

Did you

Sponsoring this conference shows your company’s leadership in the mammalian synthetic biology field. It gives you an opportunity to connect with experts, learn about their work and discuss ideas on how to collaborate. Depending on your goals for the meeting, a sponsorship can include options that provide you with brand exposure, thought leadership and lead generation.

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The proceedings of 2021 Virtual International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop (mSBW) are now available