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Josh Leonard

Associate Professor
Northwestern University

Dr. Josh Leonard is the Associate Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Northwestern University. He earned his Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley in 2006. He is currently the Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Cellular Devices and Biomolecular Engineering at Northwestern University, where the Leonard Lab works at the interface of systems biology and synthetic biology in order to probe and program the function of complex, multicellular systems to develop transformative biotechnologies and enable a new paradigm of design-driven medicine. Using the tools of synthetic biology, biomolecular engineering, computational systems biology, and gene therapy, the Leonard Lab develops technologies including programmable cell-based “devices,” immune therapies for cancer and chronic disease, smart vaccines, biosensors for global health applications, and tools for advanced metabolic engineering. By bringing an engineering approach to the investigation, design, and construction of biological systems, the Leonard group is advancing the frontiers of design-driven medicine to address unmet medical needs and create safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment options that improve both quantity and quality of life.