8th International Conference on Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development (AccBio 2023) | AIChE

This conference series brings together senior thought leaders from across multiple disciplines to discuss strategies, technologies and capabilities that accelerate biopharmaceutical development. The theme of the AccBio 2023 is "Applying enduring lessons from the pandemic, including accelerated development of a broad range of vaccines and therapeutics”.

Our speakers span an exciting cross-section of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing. I am particularly looking forward to discussions of new modalities and how we can apply lessons from the pandemic to deliver medicines more rapidly.
Glen Bolton, Amgen

Reasons to Present

  • Help promote new ideas and solutions to significant challenges that researchers are facing
  • Get caught up with the latest discoveries in pharmaceuticals from experts in related fields
  • Explore all aspects of bio therapeutic development 
  • Interact with researchers and establish new collaborations
  • Identify trends that might influence your current research 
  • Benefit from practical input from colleagues working in allied fields

Session Topics

  • Session 1: Enduring Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

  • Session 2: Accelerating Development Using Predictive Technologies

  • Session 3: Fast to Patients: Beyond mAb to new Modalities

Simulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Learn how a digital twin can be a valuable asset to the pharmaceutical industry, facilitating confident process scale-up, optimized equipment design and operation and faster time-to-market.

The opportunities to bring new medicines to patients faster has always been the theme of this conference. This year, our esteemed speakers will cover a diverse set of modalities and exciting advancements for accelerating development.
Ganesh Vedantham, BioMarin

Reasons to Attend

  • Be part of the cutting-edge technological innovations and developments in biotechnology.
  • This conference is unique in that it attracts senior level attendees and leaders.
  • There will be discussion on the promise of using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to drive molecule selection and development.
  • Attend presentations focusing on important topics impacting society, including cell therapy, gene therapy, live virus therapies, mRNA, and newer, more complex protein therapeutics and vaccines.
  • Learn ways to accelerate the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals therapies and vaccines. 

Who Should Attend

  • VP to CEO level thought leaders from the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing fields 
  • Senior-level researchers from industry, government, and academia
  • R&D leaders
  • Program Managers and industry executives
  • Associated professionals in the fields of bioengineering, biotechnology, and bioprocessing

Did you

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